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Celebrating a TENACIOUS TRIBE OF TALENT since 2014


In a world of celebritydom THE NEW CHIEFTAINS are a breath of fresh air. They’re non conformists whose instinct to succeed is driven by passion, transformation and challenge. It is these qualities that make them unconventional. Individually they are powerful and collectively they represent a tribe of talent who embody tenacity. Validation does not come from public accolades but in the form of endeavour, creative transformation and personal achievement.
Creative storyteller Agenda, was compelled to capture their powerful and rich narrative. He wanted to magnify qualities that are typically overshadowed by the importance placed on fame.

Over time we will tell the story of the latest New Chieftain to join the tribe. See the full story at: #THENEWCHIEFTAINS

“We are witnessing a NEW WAY OF BEING” Agenda.


The New Chieftains were screaming out at me to be captured!
A continuous stream of these stubborn, focused, self starters, driven and tenacious people with these similar traits were crossing paths with me but they were all doing different things.  I didn’t make the connection initially but then I began to notice I was meeting more people like them.  It was becoming more and more apparent that I needed to do something about this, I responded with my camera (At first unsure of what the outcome could be, but convinced that this needs to be done!)
I met some New Chieftains through clients, friends, colleagues and now I also meet them through nominations.
There was Lucy with her passion to empower young people and Peter who was driven to show the world the inherent beauty in vintage clothing. Like the other New Chieftains they were unique individuals but collectively they shared special qualities, tenacity / drive / conviction (traits that then went on to form the DNA of a New Chieftain)
The project unites these people. It is my opportunity to highlight their qualities and show the similarity in difference. There is something quite amazing about this tribe of people, they choose to do what they do regardless of the challenges.  New Chieftains are creative and not all of them in a conventional sense.  Safe for them is never an option, they go against the tide.  With the prevalence of celebrities they are people in the ‘normal’ world who could easily be overlooked.  I feel that by bringing this tribe together their value is elevated.
I’m passionate about films and as time has gone by I can see that the New Cheiftains echoes qualities of the XMen, Marvel mutants.  They are people living in normal society with qualities that make them unique.
I hope through this project people will be inspired and will consider themselves in this context.


NORDIC FEMALE POWER _ A Salute To Powerful Nordic Female Energy


Buddhist Life Coach


Buddhist Life Coach


Architect & Anthropologist


Stylist and Self Re-Inventor

This chapter concentrates on Scandinavian women who exude an ineffable strength that’s both soft and fierce.

Determined, focused and tenacious, the Nordic Female is a powerful being, but without the aggression or competitiveness normally associated with such qualities.

While working in Sweden on a separate project, I couldn’t help but notice this trait appear time and time again in women I crossed paths with. Though working in a variety of industries – everything from modelling to construction –  these Nordic women engaged with society in an unexpected way, and embodied this quiet, compelling energy that had to become the next New Chieftains chapter.

Like all New Chieftains, these women are limitless in scope and continually achieving greatness, but are doing so through a ‘feminine’ lens that’s fostered not only through their connections with people, particularly the maternal figures in their lives, but also with Mother Earth.

It’s this profound, unwavering relationship with nature that I find most intriguing. The Nordic Female, often solitary or nomadic in spirit, is deeply rooted in her environment, wherever that may be. Despite, or perhaps because of, the modern industry she works in, or technology she employs, she returns to the quiet stillness of nature to reflect and find inspiration. Whether she’s working on community buildings, miniature, wearable architecture, or a short blog post for her followers, this connection to nature is at the forefront of everything she does.

Eschewing a comfortable existence and the expectations of others, the Nordic Female is ever-evolving, gaining her inner wisdom and understanding of the world through her work, meditation and the natural world.

Turn the pages of the Nordic Female Power chapter when it launches later this year.  In the meantime discover more about the tribe they’re from by visiting WWW.THENEWCHIEFTAINS.COM.

Below Ingmarie shares her thoughts, passion and connection to the world around her.


TOBY & HAN _ Their story is one of drive, determination, and a little fate.


Black Horse Lane Atelier


Viewing Their Alottment


Black Horse Lane Atelier


Viewing Their Alottment

Launched in April 2016, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers is an entirely unique manufacturer of superior quality goods, starting with Denim. The ethos of the Ateliers is to connect makers to consumers and nature to industry, starting with growing Japanese Indigo in our own Allotment.

Based within a tastefully renovated 1920s factory building in Walthamstow, the brand combines the production of authentic artisan jeans with the establishment of a modern methodology for community living – Think Global, Act Local.

“Anyone who appreciates fine denim will comprehend the true essence lies in its good quality, its honesty and the purity of the cloth. There is no better way to invest in something so wholesome and unpretentious.”

DON LETTS _ From Grammar School To Punk
Now you see me, now you don’t.
It’s how I like it, when you see me you know I’m there, if I choose it to be so. It’s how I like it. I just blend like that.
“But yet I want to make a difference to the Rebels out there. To the true rebels whose hearts beat like mine, who’s hearts want to connect with creativity and are brave enough to be part of the creative heritage.”
DR AARON TURNER _ The Force Behind One Thought

The ancients professed that ‘Mind is all’. Even before the technological and medical advances that we acknowledge as the hallmarks of our age they were aware that all creativity and inspiration springs forth from our minds to shape our world and lives. As fundamental as our mind is in the success of our individual and / or joint endeavours it is surprising that the ongoing study of mind is not a practice readily undertaken in our secular world.  With his refreshing approach, via his company One Thought, Aaron Turner is on a mission to change that by encouraging us to fully explore the power of the mind and what we are all capable of once we realise and embrace that thoughts and mental clarity can be the driver to achieve anything.

Aaron has been chosen as a NEW CHIEFTAIN, firstly, because of the monumental achievement in overcoming a reclusive lifestyle and crippling social and personal anxieties to now positively affect the personal and professional lives of thousands of people through his work. Secondly, because he exudes a refreshingly inviting energy that makes one  feel that they are listened to, understood and cared for.

JUSTIN DEAKIN _ Northern Charm
Undiluted and unfazed he was at the tender age of six. He knew he wanted to make his mark but did he know it would lead him to where he is today?
His love for supreme quality stands and stares at all those who admire the unmistakable  tune of English craftsmanship causing one to bow with respect.
The Yorkshire Northern roots from which he came. Carry no heirs or graces but a strength that  just catches your breath to be saluted as the Yorkshireman’s tool.
His sensitivity goes before and after him leaving a trail, of principles, Which road leads to Justin?… He knows and has always known from the tender age of six.
‘Oh it was the gooseberries that made Justin..’
LUCY FERGUSON _ Like A Mediorite!

Be it success or challenge Lucy approaches life with vigour, sprinkling ‘epic’ amounts of enthusiasm every where. It’s this effervescence, desire to make a difference and willingness to embrace the curves in learning that symbolise this new chieftain. Her commitment and endeavour ensures the journey is as important as the destiny.

‘Her contribution to society is meaningful and focused, working with young creatives to manifest commercial projects that consider the audience as much as the outcome.’


The launch of The New Chieftains at various Nude Espresso (coffees chain) locations in London took place during the London Design Festival 2014.  the project was well received.  It formed the first phase of a growing body of work, where the stories of several subjects in the world of creative business and social enterprise were captured by Agenda and his team.

In 2015 the public have been invited to nominate their very own New Chieftain subjects for the next phase of the project. If you know someone who possesses tenacity, passion, resilience, unconventionality and non-conformity you are invited to nominate them for the second phase, a selection of which will be photographed as part of  The New Chieftains’ tribe by Agenda to form a full exhibition of the collective in 2016.

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Thank you @DIOGOATADINI for the awesome video!



The New Chieftains is a VERY important project and exploration. In order to keep growing and adding to our growing family of tenacious talent and move forward to the next stage, the following will be needed.
PRINTING & FRAMING:At each exhibition prints will be needed. There is no standard cost for this but as an example A0 prints on C-Type matt and framed in wooden box frames:
RETOUCHING:We are keen for the qualities of each New Chieftain to be shine. With this in mind retouching has been kept consistent, minimal and sensitive to the message of the project
INTERVIEWING:Each New Chieftains story needs to be extracted and presented in the most Visually Marvellous way! A person skilled in this is as important as the images.
TRANSCRIBING OF AUDIO INTERVIEWS: Once the interviews have been recorded the next step is to transcribe them into written documents.
DESIGN OF FLYERS AND MARKETING MATERIAL: The New Chieftains requires a presence for printed material such as design and print of flyers / invites & write up of each New Chieftain  (This will in turn feed the look and feel of the book)
PRODUCTION EXPENSES: The production of this project incurs expenses along the way such as travel and materials etc.
THE NEW CHIEFTAINS LEATHER WRIST BAND: At the next New Chieftain exhibition the first 20 guests through the door will be given a New Chieftain leather wristband produced by BackYard Denim.
MARKETING AND PR: A tailored campaign for the project targeting an audience that sees value in the message of The New Chieftains is very important!
REFRESHMENTS FOR LAUNCH EVENT: Cake Liberation has always been a supporter of Visual Marvelry™ Projects and The New Chieftains is no exception. Custom made treats will be produced for the Next exhibition for guests to enjoy.
BOOK DESIGN / PRINT PRODUCTION / PUBLISHING: The New Chieftains will be produced as a hard back coffee table book, a simple and image led design including interviews and quotes from Chieftains.


“I went to a grammar school. And that was a big deal.” DON LETTS