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Model and mother earth extraordinaire is unreserved in her pursuit to marry her connection with the planet’s terroir and her drive to understand our inner beauty, I recognise ‘We are all the same within’.

She has a natural ability to make anyone feel at ease (something that she is very invested in and focussed on) she wants to navigate life making sure that she always has an effect on people’s lives and is always thinking

“What can I do for people, how can I make the outcome of this interaction benefit them”

Described by Brent Richards (also a New Chieftain) as “The Angel in the room” her energy has to be experienced to be understood (slow / considered / positive / nature driven)


Life’s most valuable elements
What has been important in my life is an inner connection and a connection with nature. When I was a child a spent a lot of time with my grandmother in the wild life and in nature.I was brought up in this creative environment, painting and making things. I was also very interested in textiles and creating. I think my way of being a model has been very much with the creative people since I worked with great photographers and designers.I was always interested in people: getting the biggest picture of who we are deep within and our connection to the planet.

Thoughts on life in fashion
I think that I have been very blessed and that I was never too attached somehow to it. The work was always more like a co-creation. I see that I have met many creative and beautiful people. I still do, which is why I love doing it. The side effect it had on me in the beginning was being on my own a lot. That was both good and a kind of side effect of the work. I was never interested in drugs and flashy things. My friends were artists and intellectuals or creative people.

Life beyond Sweden
I think I needed to go away. It was the blue print of my life to travel. I needed that, I knew I was not bound to stay in Sweden. But I missed Sweden and the nature there. I had a child and I never liked travelling after that. I was going against my soul when I travelled then.

First of all I wanted to get into art school. I was painting and applying to art school. So I took a break. Then it was love I suppose you would call it, I met my second man there. It was a beautiful place to live and be and to let go of the modelling. I needed to let go of all that at the time and connect to myself much more deeply. I spent hours walking across the island just being outside, we had a big garden. It was a simply life with no activity or running water. I lived like that for 5 years.

I applied to Stockholm. I was a bit naive applying to the academy of art. I did my own art eventually in another way which was much more close to me I think.

“I use nature to understand the inner nature”

My preferred medium for expression
When I was younger I did painting and textiles but what I eventually did was creating ceremonies. I call it relation art: always including people. Creating a space and creating ceremonies in that space.

I want to make a website so that I can share those kind of works. So then I guess I will document them. Things move so fast in life. I had the main part in a movie in the early 70s and I only watched it once. I haven’t kept a lot of my photos.

Life is ongoing and it is the present that is the most important. Since I started my blog I have started to document things more and I start to reflect more.

Publishing my inner thoughts
I think I had been kind of wanting to write but not doing anything about it. Then I was doing a photo shoot for this magazine and they said why don’t you write a blog? That’s how it started. Just because that invitation came along and initiated it like that.

The bond between humanity and nature
As a child I had a very open upbringing. I had a very specific understanding through looking in a pond when I was a very small child: I had a kind of space opening up inside of me where I understood something very essential about who I am. That has been very important – like a guideline to me. I was left to explore myself in nature. It has been a safe place to make love to myself and to nature. When you give love you get it back 1000 times!

I was never interested in being a superstar – that kind of came with it – but I was a strange kind of super star. I was always interested in people, finding out who we are deep inside, and I always always always chose nature where I was. In the city I chose being in the parks or by the water to enjoy this time with myself. Going back and forth between the nature and the long walks and being in the fashion world. Nature has been the constant force in my life.




“Nothing interests me, but everything interests me at the same time” Bayode Oduwole