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After being introduced to Lotta on a work trip to Sweden I had a feeling of calmness wash over me, Lotta’s voice has a way of sedating any worries that you may have at that moment.

Her story of her life transfixed me and reminded me that anything is possible and we are always capable of steering our own ship.

Lotta has truly seen it all and is now enjoying seeing it all from another angle. Thank you for our talks Lotta, the things that you said have not left me.


A start as an international model
That was about 5000 years ago!. In the 80s and 90s I worked all over the world, from Paris to New York, all depending on the season. I loved my job but I knew it was very superficial. I modelled mostly for expensive things. Even though I was wearing these fancy things I felt empty inside and I was not satisfied so I started to look for things that were more meaningful than just looking good.

A catalyst for change
I was walking through NY shop and had a low moment. I didn’t have anything to do as I had just been all alone in my hotel room. So I started walking and went into a book shop. I was running my eyes over the contents of the shelf and was drawn to a book on meditation. My fascination with human behaviours started with meditation.

I was 24 at the time and I had just got pregnant with my first child. Family life had started and being a model stopped.

Being a model, I was never on stable ground I was always flying around. When you have a stable family and a job you belong to a group: suddenly I did belong somewhere.

The daily routine
I start the morning with reflection. This is the most important thing for me. Then it is easier to check how I am doing in the day. I focus on my body, heart and my breath and distance myself from my mind and check in and see how I feel.

If I feel strong I know I can push myself more. If I feel weak then I know I need to rest. I think it is a very respectful way of living. At my age it is important that I am in touch with my body that I can follow the patterns of my body.

We are so distracted every day, I am bored of distractions. They seems pointless when you have everything you need inside but you aren’t taught to live like that.

You lose control of your life all the time. You think you have control. The body is fantastic in that sense it always tells you that you don’t have control… Life is so much up and down you take yourself for granted. We listen to should our needs and our feelings.

Buddhism as my guide
Once I started to meditate it was so easy to continue exploring Buddhism. I love the values they have: it’s all about the relationship you have with yourself. You build on that relationship so you can be a better person in the world. You need to start with yourself before you can help anyone else. I don’t like talking about this selfishness: self-management is what we need to look at.

“Once I started to meditate it became easy to explore Buddhism” Lotta Lundberg

Translating principles to text
The two first books were just about exploring if I can inspire others just to stop thinking which is about more than just getting through the day. There is so much more you can do with yourself. The first didn’t do so well the second sold many copies. Sometimes I look back and think I should have done better but actually it was about a learning process.

My second book is a guide in which I inspire the reader to think about how they can start to take care of themselves. I share my reflections but it is not a biography. My work now, giving workshops and lectures, are my structure for wellbeing and inner calm. The concept is a creative way to take better care of yourself. We can´t take wellbeing for granted, can we?

Value of the inner body
The body is so much more than an object. It is full of wisdom and the body can be used so much more than the physical look. Working with the state of mind and your emotions you can calm yourself – know that you need the body. Working on your awareness, patience, values, meditation, and having methods and techniques to take better care of yourself is so important. You need the body: just not the mind.

The body is not just an organ, it is full of wisdom we need to have a better relationship with our bodies and not just treat it as a means to an end. Having self-love, cooperation, patient, and respectful relationship with your body is so important.

Making the right choice for my life
When you reorganise yourself, you can collect nice feelings like being content,  I don´t feel empty inside and I take care of myself in a creative way most of the times. I choose my words and I am mindful how I speak to myself. I watch my reactions, I take care of my feelings – good or bad – and through this my perceptions have changed. I have my structure, increased awareness for my inner calm and wellbeing. It’s really a personal journey and for me I want to see and feel more.

Until the day I die I will not be able to day I know what I need to know. I will never reach the point to say ‘now I know enough.’ I know a lot of people from different contexts and I learn every day from them and my kids and the way they see things.

Day by day I learn more. I don’t look back so much anymore. I made mistakes, I just try to be more present and live in the moment. I want to go forward.

People who are present are so attractive. With soft eyes and a warm heart they approach life and themselves. That´s how I want to live. I have seen too much of the opposite with jealousy, envy and judging. We have some much wisdom inside us and I hope we will use that more in the future and experience. My journey has made me more empowered, joyful, strong and engaged.


“The body is not just an organ, it is full of wisdom” Lotta Lundberg