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There have not always been reasons to do so yet Angelo is committed to eliciting smiles from everyone he meets and transforming a typical tube journey from solitary and hostile to a fun social experiment. With a pack of playing cards and his guitar in tow he has strangers speaking and an entire train carriage  engaged in a tube singalong. The non participants watch in amazement secretly hoping he will sing their favourite song and that they could relinquish their fear of embarrassment to join in.  This is grassroots’ positive action, making an phenomenal difference in the simplest of ways. Recognising the importance of social interaction and the fact that everyone of us has a story to share, Angelo wages a fun and potent battle on social isolation.

A step towards rendering the newspaper and other distractions (many commuters cling to) redundant and encouraging us to connect with one another through our rich and distinctive stories.

He is a New Chieftain because he defies conventions, rose above his ‘could nots and should nots’ and to dedicate his life to spreading joy in peoples lives in such an extraordinary and meaningful way.


To always show love to people is what Angelo does from the heart and believes a smile goes a long way. With god working in his life from a young age he had no say in what would happened. Ill health and his fighting spirit would battle it out time and time again, until god said “just be empty, let go and let me show you the way”

What transpired  would far exceed what Angelo could ever of expected.

Captivated with the nature of always wanting to show love to others, his purpose is never diluted and with every person that he encounters Angelo wants an authentic moment of genuine love to be shared. A simple smile to open the heart, to talk, to engage and to connect with people. All are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.  No judgements or  barriers, he holds, just to receive the  guidance that he asks for.

Angelo says “The most most fulfilling thing one can do in their lives is to bless others”

The man armed with a smile and a guitar knows that the real change happens within.

“The most most fulfilling thing one can do in their lives is to bless others”


Angelo wages fun and a potent battle on social isolation