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Be it success or challenge Lucy approaches life with vigour, sprinkling ‘epic’ amounts of enthusiasm every where. It’s this effervescence, desire to make a difference and willingness to embrace the curves in learning that symbolise this new chieftain. Her commitment and endeavour ensures the journey is as important as the destiny.

Her contribution to society is meaningful and focused, working with young creatives to manifest commercial projects that consider the audience as much as the outcome.


Behind those glassy blue eyes lies a mystery, so it appears. Once opened like a book carefully selected by the reader, you are catapulted into Lucy’s world of epic enthusiasm, empowerment, empathy and patience.  Social values runs deep within her, and you hear, her heart when she speaks… To give back to the young.

What drives Lucy?

“To know that in a world that has an awful lot of faults and problems. I am trying to do my bit, even if it does not make much of a difference.”

Her genuine gut pulling passion for inspiring the young comes from the heart with an unshakeable dedication. She places the tools for the young, enabling them to do what they want to do with creative wings.

“All  youth projects should be run in this way, from the young driven by them”

She admires people with endeavour, it draws her excitingly to them exchanging an unbroken sequence of energies for  the time that is meant to be. Underneath it all she loves the failures as it is her learning ground to asses and understand herself as she rises like a Phoenix starting each rebirth at a higher level.

To the hyperactive child who was banned from drinking orange juice. To the work alcoholic teenager who held down to jobs while raving with earnestness.

To you Lucy. A New Chieftain to the fullest.

“I adore people with endeavour”


“All youth projects should be run in this way, from the young driven by them”