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Yoshi is a defender of what is right, an agent of change and is unapologetically honest about his life, thoughts and views.

These qualities exemplify the New Chieftains energy that lives within the original chapter and the entire tribe. Thank you Yoshi.


Scottish and Chinese origins
Born 吳千宇 in Aberdeen, Scotland to Chinese parents, I go by the nickname of Yoshi SBX & have been based in London since 2011. I originally moved to London as an aspiring dancer & media producer, having 1) finished a degree in Graphic Design & Interactive Multimedia & 2) founding ‘The Jam Movement’ dance project. 

These days – after a period involving psychedelics, traveling, some misfortune & lots of soul-searching – I’m a Tuina Massage Therapist & Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant. I work from home in my makeshift clinic with dancers being my main client-base. It’s a word-of-mouth operation with a little Instagram presence & 2 film promos entitled ‘Fixtape vol.1’ & ‘Fixtape vol.2’. I also recently published ‘Plant-Based 101′, to further supplement the wellbeing of my clients & small audience. A recipe book will follow up in the next few years out of this.

This year, my focus is on Osteopathy, Dry Needling & Bloodletting. Once that’s done, i’ll begin studying for a degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture. My goal is to be a Doctor of Natural Medicine, so i can help as many people as i can. Other related fields of interest include Counselling, Medicinal Cannabis & Finanacial Literacy. All these things i believe help with one’s own health & their community.

In my spare time i still design, dance, co-run ‘The Jam Movement’ & have just opened my own online clothing store ‘By Yoshi SBX’. I may fool you into thinking I’m an entrepeneur with all that. If only i was better with making & managing money. I’m learning as i go.

To summarise, my passions are in health & the arts; to ultimately help make the world a better suited place for one & all.

Motivated by
Doing the right thing. Learning the truth. Being pro-active. Living a good, honest & balanced life.

Integrity is important but can be brutal
Honesty is very important to me whether it’s brutal, ugly or otherwise. I believe it’s essential to the path of maturity & wisdom. An idol of mine who exemplified this quality & class character would be Malcolm X, particularly towards the end of his life. Role models like him are people i look up to. One of my favourite things he ever said was “I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong, than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.”

“Learning as I go”

Food is of great comfort
Though i’d count myself as being quite lucky in life, i had a rough childhood. Some of the only fond memories i have of my childhood & family would usually be around food. Food is an important part of Chinese lifestyle & culture. It was one of the only things that would keep us together. I would find great comfort in this & still do to this day. It’s our main source of nourishment after all. Unsurprisingly, i have an infamously large appetite; which goes far beyond just food.

3 words to describe myself
Creative. Passionate. Honest. Rebellious, if i may add a fourth 😉

If I was not a healer…
When i was was younger, i wanted to be a singer, actor & film maker. I was impressionable & disillusioned by pop-culture. Not mad at that. Just wished i was wiser in what i perceived & pursued. I was a born romantic, naive of the realities of this world.

These days, my aspirations & hopes are rather practical & down-to-earth. I do have idealistic notions of being a farmer or working with the land in some noble way. Realistically though, i’m too lazy for that. That is tough work. I admire & have great respect for people that do.

I’d probably own a restaurant, like my father & uncle, though i’d run it differently. They suffered so much stress & never took a day off. To hell with that. I’d make sure it was more manageable & centred on health, with an emphasis on seasonal, clean & vegetarian food & drink. I may very well do so one day, so be on the lookout for a cafe & clinic venture.

Final thoughts
Politically, i may regard myself as a capital socialist? Spiritually, perhaps an agnostic neo-Buddhist? Whatever. I’m not a fan of such labels or ideologies, which seem to cause more trouble than not. I believe we are all full of shit & don’t know what we’re talking about or what we’re doing most of the times. As a result, i try my best to remain centred & in a position to learn. Erykah Badu said it best when she sang “The man who knows most things, knows that he knows nothing at all”.

I’m just another brotha trying to do the right thing. Shout out to my grandmother “Popo” for helping guide me thus far. Everything i do, is with her in mind.



“I am. Creative. Passionate. Honest. Rebellious” Yoshi SBX