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The New Chieftains was founded by visual artist Agenda Brown and was formally launched in September 2014.

Agendas creative platform is the way that he interacts with clients. He has coined the following phrase that best describes his process: “I am Driven by limitless possibilities of working with those who understand, together we can create something that is not possible on our own.”

The New Chieftains are a tribe of talented people who have natural prowess, tenacity, leadership, and individuality.  They are non-conformists who challenge the status quo, their instinct to succeed is driven by passion, instinct and endeavour.

They can be found in many different arenas from education, design and philanthropy to food and music.  They are a growing tribe of people with enigmatic personalities across numerous disciplines.THEIR QUALITIES INCLUDE: Tenacity, Resilience, Passion, Unconventionality, Non-conformity. They are part of the tribe because of who they are, and what they do to enhance society and the human spirit.  In many cases their careers are inconsequential.

The New Chieftains are unlikely to identify themselves as being one, Even if they are known, they are not New Chieftains because of their celebrity!

Agenda Brown. Founder of The New Chieftains and Visual Marvelry


The New Chieftains were screaming out at me to be captured!

A continuous stream of these stubborn, focused, self starters, driven and tenacious people with these similar traits were crossing paths with me but they were all doing different things.  I didn’t make the connection initially but then I began to notice I was meeting more people like them.  It was becoming more and more apparent that I needed to do something about this, I responded with my camera (At first unsure of what the outcome could be, but convinced that this needs to be done!)

I met some New Chieftains through clients, friends, colleagues and now I also meet them through nominations.

There was Lucy with her passion to empower young people and Peter who was driven to show the world the inherent beauty in vintage clothing. Like the other New Chieftains they were unique individuals but collectively they shared special qualities, tenacity / drive / conviction (traits that then went on to form the DNA of a New Chieftain)

The project unites these people. It is my opportunity to highlight their qualities and show the similarity in difference. There is something quite amazing about this tribe of people, they choose to do what they do regardless of the challenges.  New Chieftains are creative and not all of them in a conventional sense.  Safe for them is never an option, they go against the tide.  With the prevalence of celebrities they are people in the ‘normal’ world who could easily be overlooked.  I feel that by bringing this tribe together their value is elevated.

I’m passionate about films and as time has gone by I can see that the New Cheiftains echoes qualities of the XMen, Marvel mutants.  They are people living in normal society with qualities that make them unique.

I hope through this project people will be inspired and will consider themselves in this context.

Viktoria Waldin of Featured in the Nordic Female Power Chapter


The launch of The New Chieftains at various Nude Espresso (coffees chain) locations in London took place during the London Design Festival 2014.  the project was well received.  It formed the first phase of a growing body of work, where the stories of several subjects in the world of creative business and social enterprise were captured by Agenda and his team.

In 2015 the public have been invited to nominate their very own New Chieftain subjects for the next phase of the project. If you know someone who possesses tenacity, passion, resilience, unconventionality and non-conformity you are invited to nominate them for the second phase, a selection of which will be photographed as part of  The New Chieftains’ tribe by Agenda to form a full exhibition of the collective in 2015.Follow us @VISUALMARVELRY to keep updated on our progress.

Thank you @DIOGOATADINI for the awesome video!  Colin “C- Swing” Emanuel @BLACKEINSTEINAGRAM, perfect audio!


“The most most fulfilling thing one can do in their lives is to bless others” ANGELO PANGALOS